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Since our inception, family is what motivates us to do what we love. It's all about the passion behind the lens. That's our TESTAMENT!
Our motto: 
Where there is high resolution, there are quality results.

    We are inspired by our own happiness. We believe that if you do something you enjoy and would even consider doing for free, you will never work hard a day in your life. It's not strictly about making an extra dollar. It's about helping individuals capture those moments in life that tells a great story. We yearn for all our clients to feel as though they are reliving that moment each and every time they watch one of our productions. 

Jason Stephens

Upon entering college, I wasn't quite sure what field of concentration I wanted to pursue. It wasn't until I took an elective class in digital photography, that I found my passion. That is when I decided to pursue a career in Video/Film & Communication.  In knowing I wanted to make a career in film, the thought of starting a business was then born.

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Katrina Stephens

As far back as I can remember, my love for filming has always been a passion of mine. At every family function, I was that person with a video camera capturing those special and rare moments. As time progressed, I slowly put away my camera and began exploring other passions. It wasn't until I met my husband (Jason) that my once put away passion for filming had then resurfaced.

The Reason

Passion is the reason. We understand and realize the importance of life and how valuable it is to capture those moments. Our job is to help each individual be able to relive those moments that are considered testamonies in itself. 

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